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Systech International was established in New Jersey, USA, in 1995, and subsequently expanded its operations to Pakistan in 1998. Our core focus lies in the realm of sustainability, where we leverage innovative technologies and strategic approaches to address environmental challenges. As experts in this field, we have successfully implemented sustainable solutions across various sectors, both nationally and internationally.

Established 1995 in New Jersey, USA, 1998 in Pakistan and 2015 in UAE, we have over 20 years of IT services experience delivering high-quality, cost-effective information technology solutions to companies both locally and internationally. Leveraging extensive enterprise asset management (EAM), building and facilities management (RE/FM), enterprise content management (ECM) and information technology (IT) experience, our consultants implement world-class solutions that can:

SysTech International works with clients to help them get the most out of their IT investment. As a service based company, we are focused on our specialty and exceeding our clients’ needs. SysTech International is uniquely positioned to offer our clients fast, agile solutions at a competitive rate.