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IBM Maximo Application Suite (MAS)

Welcome to the world of Maximo Application Suite! As a leading solution for intelligent asset management, monitoring, predictive maintenance, and reliability planning, Maximo Application Suite empowers organizations to optimize their enterprise assets effectively. Let’s dive into the key features, benefits, and use cases of this powerful platform.

Key Features:

Maximo Application Suite provides a comprehensive view of assets across your organization. From facilities to production equipment, it covers the entire asset lifecycle.

Access critical asset information on the go using mobile devices. Streamline work orders, inspections, and maintenance tasks with ease.

Leverage advanced analytics and AI monitoring to anticipate issues before they occur. Maximo helps you proactively maintain assets, reducing unplanned downtime.

Implement RCM strategies to optimize asset performance. Prioritize maintenance efforts based on criticality and risk.

Monitor assets remotely using IoT data. Stay informed about asset health and performance from anywhere.

Use visual data to assess asset conditions. Whether it’s detecting anomalies or identifying wear and tear, Maximo’s visual inspection capabilities enhance decision-making.


Maximo’s AI-driven insights enable you to take informed actions, ensuring optimal asset utilization.

Maximo Application Suite offers a single, integrated cloud-based platform. It combines CMMS, EAM, APM, and RCM applications for seamless asset management.

By addressing issues proactively, you can minimize operational downtime and associated costs.

Choose the license capacity that suits your business needs. Maximo gives you full entitlement to the suite.

What is Maximo Application Suite?

Maximo Application Suite from IBM is a comprehensive asset management platform that empowers businesses to optimize asset performance and maximize return on investment. SysTech, a leading provider of enterprise asset management solutions, is here to help you implement and leverage the full potential of Maximo Application Suite.

Benefits of Maximo Application Suite

Maximo Application Suite leverages AI and analytics to predict and prevent equipment failures, keeping your operations running smoothly.

Proactive maintenance with Maximo Application Suite helps you avoid costly unplanned downtime and associated expenses.

Gain valuable insights from asset data to make data-driven decisions that optimize your operations and maintenance strategy.

Maximo Application Suite streamlines maintenance workflows and automates tasks, improving overall efficiency and productivity.

Maximo Application Suite helps you ensure regulatory compliance by providing a centralized platform for managing asset data and documentation.

Use Cases

Use Maximo to automate inspections, ensuring compliance and safety.

Implement predictive maintenance strategies to boost asset efficiency.

Maximo helps you optimize maintenance practices and plans.

Enhance sustainability efforts by managing assets effectively.

Explore Maximo Application Suite

Ready to explore Maximo Application Suite? Start your 14-day free trial and experience the power of AI, analytics, and IoT in asset management. Book a live demo to see how Maximo can transform your operations.

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Learn more about Maximo Application Suite on the IBM product page.


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Key Features of Maximo Application Suite

A comprehensive solution for managing the entire lifecycle of your assets, from procurement to decommissioning.

Access asset information and perform maintenance tasks from anywhere, using the Maximo mobile app.

Leverage AI and analytics to predict equipment failures and schedule maintenance before they occur.

Monitor asset health and performance remotely, allowing for proactive maintenance and issue resolution.

SysTech: Your Trusted Partner for Maximo Application Suite

SysTech has a proven track record of helping businesses successfully implement and utilize Maximo Application Suite. Our team of experts will work closely with you to understand your specific needs and tailor a solution that maximizes the value of your assets.

  • Deep understanding of Maximo Application Suite and its functionalities.
  • Proven experience in implementing and integrating Maximo Application Suite.
  • Expertise in customizing Maximo Application Suite to meet your specific needs.
  • Ongoing support and training to ensure you get the most out of Maximo Application Suite.

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