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North American Bank Reduces Manual Input by 76% Automating Checking Program Enrollment

North American Bank Reduces Manual Input by 76% Automating Checking Program Enrollment

North American Bank Reduces Manual Input by 76% Automating Checking Program Enrollment

A North American Bank offers a checking program that notifies customers when they sign a check for an amount they do not have available in their account. The program allows customers to resubmit their check when the funds are available, reducing the Bank’s time spent handling bounced checks and preventing customers from having to pay insufficient fund fees. Enrolling customers in this service requires a Customer Service Representative to fill out and submit forms to OnBase, the client’s ECM system, with instructions to either enroll, resubmit or unenroll a customer. This high-volume, repetitive process was a perfect fit for automation, as form accuracy and speed directly impact customer satisfaction and the amount of time CSRs are available to spend helping customers with other tasks.


  1. Bot Identifies Form Type: The Bot reads the Resubmit Form and identifies whether the form is a new customer enrollment for the checking program or a discontinuation of the program.
  2. Bot Locates Indicator: The Bot locates the Resubmit Indicator on each account to determine whether the customer is enrolling or unenrolling from the program. If enrolling, the Bot switches the indicator to “Yes” and enrolls them in the program using the inbound return express (IRX) system. If the customer is unenrolling, the Bot switches the indicator to “No” and removes the customer from the IRX.
  3. Bot Checks for Existing User: When enrolling a customer account in the program, the Bot checks to see if it is a new user, an existing user, or neither. Each requires separate steps of enrollment; the Bot separates the Resubmit program requests accordingly.
    1. Process for Existing Users: For existing users, the Bot looks up the customer in the IRX system and links the bank account to the Resubmit program.
    2. Process for New Users: The Bot creates a new profile with a username and default password for the customer. The Bot then links the Resubmit profile to the banking account and the IRX.
    3. Process for Neither: If the customer request is for neither a new or existing user, meaning they are not a current banking member but would like to pay for the program, the linking step is skipped. However, Resubmit is still marked “Yes” and the user is enrolled in IRX for the program
    4. Process for Unenrolling: When a customer is unenrolling from the program, the Bot discontinues the customer. If it is an existing user that is unenrolling, the profile is unlinked and removed from the IRX account, the Resubmit indicator is set to “No”, and the profile is unlined from the bank account. If the customer unenrolling is not a bank account holder, the Bot skips the unlinking step, the indicator is set to “No” and the account is removed from the IRX.

Accelirate developed this automation as a 4-branch process since there were four different customer scenarios that could happen based on the submitted program forms. This development approach allows for a more robust process that can be easily scaled as volume increases over time. Implementing RPA relieved the Bank’s employees of this cumbersome process, significantly improving CSR utilization and productivity. Using RPA also eliminated the risk of human error in processing enrollment and unenrollment forms, providing a higher accuracy rate critical to customer satisfaction.


90 SECONDS now spent processing a single form that previously took 6-7 minutes
76% Reduction in Resubmit Form processing time
225 Hours Saved Monthly which CSRs can now reallocate to high-value work

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